Boudoir Photography in Birmingham with Beth

Today I’m honoured to share with you the beauty and depth that is Miss Beth,

I first spoke to Beth on a modelling social network site and she booked her Boudoir Photography session in Birmingham. The shoot was very relaxed and informal and this as a Birmingham Boudoir Photographer makes the client feel comfortable in front of the camera. Normally during the boudoir shoot I would underexpose by a few stops to create the illusion of night, but this time we decided to do high key boudoir with backlight on Beth’s red hair and the shots came out beautiful.





Are you looking for a boudoir Photographer ?

I’d be honoured to be considered as your photographe. My name is Evans, I’m a specialist boudoir Photographer based in Birmingham West Midlands UK and travel for shoots in th UK and Worldwide. you can reach me at or feel free to browse through my Boudoir Photography section and portfolio.

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