Birmingham Boudoir Photography | by Evans Cheuka

Boudoir Photography A New Wedding Trend.

Boudoir Photography is becoming more popular amongst today’s women with the majority doing it as a wedding , birthday  or anniversary gift and others requiring a keepsake for their own use for their promotional websites. People are far more aware of their bodies today and like to have a record of how they looked before having children or as a confidence boost.

I did a subtle boudoir photography for a client Natasha Perry as a present to her husband.  The location of the photography session was a very important element that affected the quality of the photographs that were produced, as well as the story they tell. The location provides context, and a story beyond the woman herself. I used both natural and studio light and concentrated on how  I could assist the subject to get gentle and create beautifull images leading to a more natural result, thus getting away from stiff and un-natural looking ‘poses’.
Communication with the client/subject is all-important to achieve a result which is pleasing and will lead to further business.


As non-photographers, it can often be difficult to look at a scene and be able to tell if it will photograph well – a photographer can change a scene dramatically with the use of different lenses, framing, lighting, and depth of field.  So, if you’re planning on booking a boudoir photography package – how do you decide where you want to have the photo shoot?

Using your own home can often be a great option because it’s private, it’s comfortable, and it’s free.  But the most important factor is the story that it tells – and shooting boudoir photographs in your own home, on your own bed or couch, or by your own window – it tells a very personal story.  It’s much more unique to you than being a cog moving through an assembly line studio.  But there are certain considerations before choosing to go this route.

Do you have enough room?

Photography requires much more room than many people realize (especially using the telephoto lenses that I prefer to use, which are much more flattering for human features).  In an ideal world, I’d like to have around 10 feet from the photographer to the subject, and another 10 feet from the subject to the background.  This gives me the most flexibility.  I *OFTEN* make due with less.  But if the space you’re considering using is the size of a closet, please let me know so I can at least plan ahead for it, or try to find a more usable location for some of the shots.

Is your house private?

If your home is filled with a husband, three kids, and two dogs – it will be very hard to feel relaxed, sexy, and glamorous.  It might be a good reason to try to find another location – because boudoir is supposed to be a vacation of sorts.

I want to rent a space – what are my options?

Your options are nearly limitless.  Just remember the location will help tell the story, it needs to have enough space, and it needs to be pretty.  If you’re looking to rent a hotel room or bed and breakfast, please let me know, and I can help you pick out a location together.

I want to do a boudoir session outside!  Can you make that happen?

Outdoor/Location boudoir can create some very stunning images.   The biggest task is finding a place with enough privacy but it’s not a problem.  If you get excited about the idea of outdoor boudoir photos, *please* let me know.  I will work with you to find a location, and make sure it’s private – even if it means bringing some people to keep hikers from stumbling across the shoot, or erecting some sort of privacy curtain. I’ll figure out a way to make it work, because the pictures will absolutely be worth it.

I still have questions, or ideas that you didn’t cover here.

The best thing to do is contact us!  We’re more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns, and if you’ve got a big idea, we’ll most likely get really excited with you.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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