Camera Girl

At the beginning of this year I’ve been doing a few personal projects , one of them which was sort of a camera girl themed photography. As an artist or Photo-artists this gives us a chance to explore our creativity as well as a chance to explore our medium purely for the sake of creating art. During these shoots I was working with my Sony A550 with a prime lens Minolta 50mm 1.7 . These small projects also helps me as a wedding and bridal photographer as I’ll be picking up tips and techniques where I’ll be experimenting and adding into what I already know as a photographer – and if I find something that works, I always try and translate it into my wedding photograph then I’ll garner the information and techniques that work so that during the wedding shots I will only use the techniques that I’ve tested and I’m sure will work.

These photographs of Dea Drinkwater and Louise Taylor, both models, were taken in Coventry, Warwickshire/Westmidlands. As I was using using a fixed prime lens 1.7 I was trying to create the bokeh effect so that the subjects could stand out more from the backdrop. Now most people know what bokeh is, it is the blurry part of the image whether it’s before or after the subject and it can be incredibly beautiful when used properly- but just relying  on bokeh  itself  may not work. A boring shot with a blurred out backdrop may help you isolate your subject but not make a good shot, you really need to consider thinking about what you’re going to do with the subject as well as what’s in the background. You could go photographing at 1.2 and get an even more blurred background but as I found out at that F stop it’s very easy to miss focus.



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