Corporate Photojournalism | by Evans Cheuka



The reason why I think corporate photojournalism is important to your company is because; corporate photography tells the visual truth. So if you want an employee or a client to understand what’s going on in the company then your photographs should be “truthful” also.  If you “stage” your corporate photographs and you put people in there, very boring, it’s kind of a lie, so you want them in a real situation. It’s the same thing if you wrote a story, would you put false information on a story? NO, you’d tell the truth. If you tell the truth in your photographs, it’s going to create a truthful message to your employee/ client.



As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” , A good photograph should make you think , feel and react.  It should make you think , it should make you wonder what’s going on , it should make you feel something , an emotion and it should make you react and change your opinion about something . It should be informative, it should communicate to the employee/client.


You could take corporate photographs yourself, but mistakes are easy to make. The biggest mistake in corporate photography is very easy , it’s usually boring, static pictures of people standing. It doesn’t tell you anything about the person. It tells you what they look like but it doesn’t tell you anything more about them, ( what they are doing? What the company’s involvement its?)




You could use Bobby , Sally or Dave that has a digital camera that can take a picture and that’s all they know what to do. You need to hire a professional photographer ( like Evans Cheuka) , or others that can be able to tell a story.

Alteration of the images in corporate photography is just taboo. One of the companies that were one of the first to be caught doing that was National Geographic.  They moved the pyramids closer so that they could fit their portrait format front cover by using digital processing , and it made them look closer together than they really are and it ruined their reputation for a while. So telling the truth is very important.

If you’re a photographer taking corporate photography , it could be in business meetings or large event , “you need to be a fly in the wall”. Staying in the background using suitable lenses , long lenses, DO NOT use flash especially in meetings. Stay in the background and capture the events unfold , Watching the speaker , Watching the listeners and really focusing on their listening, facial and hand gestures . You want to capture the speakers and listeners looking very animated you don’t want to capture them looking uninteresting.

So taking a corporate photography that conveys a message is harder than it looks , but for a professional photographer like Evans Cheuka, he’ll make it easy .


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