Tamworth Castle Wedding Photography

So for this weekend it’s the Castle Hotel in Tamworth West Midlands which Dawn chose for her wedding and reception. It’s going to be a little bit cold as the ice and snow is still melting, otherwise I predict a very beautiful occasion.

This time for the first time I will have an assistant photographer for the occasion, his name Zac The Photographer from Staffordshire. Zac specialises in portraits and is a celebrity photographer so his creativity & skill should come in handy to capture some reportage and upclose photographs of the bride and groom .

Tamworth Castle is a couple of minutes walk from the reception and venue so hopefully if it’s not too slippery with the ice we would be able to capture some creative shots of the  the couple and/or the families.  I look forward to photographing this beautiful occasion and sharing the photographs with you .

(Google image)

(Google Image)

Tamworth Castle Evans Cheuka Wedding Photography

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