The Holidays are Coming…..

Been a busy few weeks and the next are not any quieter with preparing for new photography clients next year. With the news that the Coca Cola truck was going to be at Waitrose in Wolverhampton , I thought I should pop out and have some night fun photography . It was only about a two minute walk from where I live so I thought why not ? Not mentioning it was freeeezing cold outside and I couldn’t feel my fingers , so most of the time I had to use a remote control for shutter release to avoid camera shake as I was using long exposures some of about 30 seconds. It’s been a while since I’ve done night shots as well just “random going out to take photographs” but practice makes perfect doesn’t it ? 😉 but nobody is perfect . So below are a few unedited shots from the Coca Cola gallery in the main portfolio , I hope you enjoy :)

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